October 3, 2007
Oil on canvas, 12” x 9”, June 1, 2007

Fly Me to the Moon: A Conversation with Mathematician and Artist, Ed Belbruno

Article & Interview, Stockey, J., Wild River Review,  Fall 2007: http://www.wildriverreview.com/3/3-spotlight_belbruno.php
September 3, 2007
Oil on Canvas, 30” x 40”, July-August 1984, Private Collection

The Canvas of Reality: Belbruno’s Parallel Lives

Article, Elfman, L., Space Lifestyles Magazine, Fall 2007: http://www.newforks.net/spacelifestyle2007fall-dl.pdf (click on “Getting Far Out with Artist Belbruno” on cover page)
July 7, 1998

Congressional Record Vol. 144, No. 88 S7554

Congressional Record Vol. 144, No. 88 S7554 Senator Tom Harking, D-Iowa, presents Ed Belbruno’s discovery of weak stability boundaries to the 105th Congress.