March 1, 2015

Feature Documentary about the life and work of Edward Belbruno

Title: Painting the Way to the Moon Official website and trailer Film Festival Awards, Nominations, and Showings Princeton Garden Theater Screening on March 12, 7:30pm Boston […]

Science News

December 22, 2014: New Transfer to Mars

A New Way to Reach Mars Safely, Anytime and on the Cheap: Ballistic capture, a low-energy method that has coasted spacecraft into lunar orbit, could help humanity visit the Red Planet much more often… Read Article

May 26, 2013: Updated Trailer for Painting the Way to the Moon

Click here to view trailer.

January 2013: Documentary about life and work of Edward Belbruno

Documentary film maker, Jacob Okada, making documetary about life and work of Edward Belbruno Watch trailer. Follow the progress of the movie on Facebook: Painting the Way to the Moon.

October 22, 2012: Feature article in Time Magazine

Mentioned on the cover, for a result on the Lithoanspermia Hypothesis for the origin of life. Read Article

September 24, 2012: Press release on Origin of Life Paper

Press release from Princeton University on the Origin of Life paper: Slow-moving rocks better odds that life crashed to Earth from space Read article

April 9, 2009: Support of the Origin of the Moon paper

Press release from NASA on using spacecraft to explore regions of space in support of the Origin of the Moon paper: STEREO Hunts for Remains of an Ancient Planet near Earth Read Article

April 9, 2009: Gravitational “Parking Lots”

Join STEREO and Explore Gravitational “Parking Lots” That May Hold Secret of Moon’s Origin Read Article

July 7, 1998: Congressional Record

Vol. 144, No. 88 S7554
Senator Tom Harking, D-Iowa, presents weak stability boundaries and Ed Belbruno’s work to the 105th Congress.

Art News

November 8, 2017

Art & Mathematics article in ARTisSpectrum

See article the Art & Mathematics by Ed Belbruno in November 2017 issue of ARTisSpectrum.
November 5, 2017

Exhibition in Shanghai International Art Fair, Nov. 1-5, 2017

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September 19, 2017

Art Opening at Agora Gallery, NYC , November 16, 2017

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October 22, 2015
acrylic on canvas, 20 x 24 inches, July 2015

Art Opening and Discussion Panel: Café Minerva

Sponsored by & Purch Media October 22 to November 5, 2015 Prints and Paintings Available Here.
February 26, 2015
 Oil on canvas, 36" x 48", August 2010

Aided by Art, Theory of Life’s Extra-Solar Origin Gets Boost

by Edward Belbruno, Princeton University Edward Belbruno is a mathematician and an artist. His paintings are in major collections and exhibited throughout the United States, and […]