Fly Me to the Moon:

An insider’s Guide to the New Science of Space Travel

Publication date: February 2007
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When a leaf falls on a windy day, it drifts and tumbles, tossed every which way on the breeze. This is chaos in action. In Fly Me to the Moon, Edward Belbruno shows how to harness the same principle for low-fuel space travel–or, as he puts it, “surfing the gravitational field.”

Belbruno devised one of the most exciting concepts now being used in space flight, that of swinging through the cosmos on the subtle fluctuations of the planets’ gravitational pulls. Read More…

Capture Dynamics and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics: With Applications to the Construction of Low Energy Transfers

Publication date: March 2004
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This book describes a revolutionary new approach to determining low energy routes for spacecraft and comets by exploiting regions in space where motion is very sensitive (or chaotic). It also represents an ideal introductory text to celestial mechanics, dynamical systems, and dynamical astronomy. Bringing together wide-ranging research by others with his own original work, much of it new or previously unpublished, Edward Belbruno argues that regions supporting chaotic motions, termed weak stability boundaries, can be estimated. Read More…


Belbruno’s Universe

Selected works from 1985-2008

July 2008
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The paintings in Belbruno’s Universe encompass truths that are recognized without too much explanation, so I have organized a series of his works with only a brief exegesis to give the reader a bit of background. One does not need to be a celestial mathematician to contemplate the universe or to feel emotion and depth in a painting… (Talia Page, Editor)

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